Breast Lift


How to understand that the breast is sagging?
If the nipples are above the breast crease and pointing slightly upwards, then they are in the ideal position. If the nipple is at the level of the breast fold line or below the line, it indicates that the breast is sagging.

Who is suitable for breast lifting surgery?
There is no obvious problem with the size of the breast, but if sagging is present, breast lift surgery is performed to recover the breast. There are several factors that cause sagging. If sagging has developed in the breasts as a result of factors such as weight gain, breastfeeding, structural conditions, aging and gravity, it is possible to recover these people with breast lift surgery.

Is there an age limit for a breast lift?
Breast lift surgery is usually performed on middle-aged women who experience sagging after breastfeeding. However, it can also be applied to young patients with structural sagging. As with all aesthetic surgeries, breast lift surgery is performed after the age of 18, except in exceptional cases.

Is breast lift surgery alone sufficient?
Since the amount of breast tissue is sufficient in some patients, it is enough to perform the procedure using their own tissues without the need to use silicone prosthesis in these people. If there is a deficiency in breast tissue with sagging in the breast, enlargement is added to the treatment with silicone prosthesis (implant). If there is an excess of breast tissues along with sagging, then breast reduction surgery is performed.

What should be done before the operation?
Before the operation, breast ultrasound/mammography is requested, and when necessary, breast examination is performed by the general surgeon and evaluation is made.

As in all surgeries, it is necessary to stop smoking an average of 3 weeks before the surgery. In the last 1 week, drugs that can thin the blood and similar substances (painkillers such as aspirin, apranax, voltaren, magesic; multivitamin pills containing substances such as ginseng, ginko biloba, co-enzyme Q, herbal products such as green tea, flax seeds, cherry stalk, tomato seed) ) should be avoided.

What is the post-surgery process like?
The patient can be discharged from the hospital on the day of the operation, usually 6 hours after the operation. Breast lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 2 hours. Since the sutures are applied subcutaneously and dissolvable sutures are used, suture removal is not performed. A non-wired sports bra is recommended for post-operative use and it is important to use it, especially in the first month.

After the operation, follow-ups are made with breast ultrasound/mammography every year.


Is breast lift surgery risky? What are the complications that can be encountered after surgery?
As with any surgery, there are some risks and complications that can be encountered in breast lift surgery. These problems are tried to be kept to a minimum with the improvements in medicine and the care shown during the surgical process. Major bleeding, infection, changes in nipple and skin sensation, healing problems, surgical scars, risks associated with anesthesia, asymmetry can be seen. Although these are rarely seen, it is important to enlighten patients about this issue.

When do I return to my daily life? Can I start doing sports right away?
Although the recovery period depends on the operation, if it is not done together with breast augmentation or breast reduction, it will be easier to return to routine life. Usually, the patient comes to the control on the 3rd day after the operation and can continue with his daily life afterward. While no sports activities other than walking are recommended for the first month, all kinds of sports activities can be started as of the 6th week.

Are the scars permanent after surgery?
Surgical scars turn into skin color and take their final shape, on average, one year after the operation. These scars never completely disappear, but over time they gradually fade and become less obvious.

Does the surgery affect the mammary glands and breastfeeding?
Breast lift surgeries do not prevent breastfeeding. If the person has the potential to breastfeed, she can still give milk after the surgery. It should be known that only pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause changes in breast shape.


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