Breast Reduction


A woman’s dream is to have flawless, upright and aesthetic breasts. Self-esteem problems caused by the birth process, frequent weight gain and loss and sagging of large breasts due to genetic factors become a nightmare for women.Breast reduction surgery is preferred due to the fact that the body bends forward due to advanced breast size and weight, back and spine pains, bone deformations, rashes or sores that develop under the breast, paint and inability to find clothing suitable for weight. Shrinking large breast tissue is possible with surgical operation

Meme tissue, growth during or after development (obesity and pregnancy) leads not only to aesthetics, but also to many medical problems. Breast reduction surgeries are performed in these cases called breast hypertrophy or macromasti.

What is the purpose of breast reduction surgery

The main purpose of breast reduction surgery is to achieve symmetrical, upright and aesthetic breasts that look equal. In breast reduction surgery, it is aimed to reduce the breasts to a size where the patient can be more comfortable. The patient is freed from the back, neck and shoulder pains caused by large breasts and a more dynamic and attractive appearance is provided.

How to perform breast reduction surgery?

This operation is carried out in accordance with certain techniques and plans. In the operation, the gland tissue, adipose tissue, skin and nipple area of the breast can be reduced according to the patient’s request. While the breast tissue is reduced during the surgery, the sagging caused by excess tissue is eliminated. In this way, smaller, tighter and steeper breasts are obtained. Before breast reduction surgery, there is a photo shoot and a planning is made, accordingly the surgical plan is drawn on the breast The operation is carried out entirely on the basis of this plan. With this planning, breasts are created in the most appropriate way for that patient. There’s a breast size for every body structure.

Meme reduction can be based on breast volume and the patient’s age; only a limited operation mark around the nipple, a mark that extends upright from the nipple (vertical technique) or an inverted T-shaped scar. These traces first turn red pink, over time they return to normal skin color. The scars remain in the bra under the nipple in any way. In breast reduction surgery, a technique called short “T” is used. In this technique, the person has a T-shape scar that extends from the cirrtensive around the nipple to the lower line of the chest.

As long will the breast reduction surgery take ?

This operation is performed under general anesthesia (by putting the patient to sleep). The operation varies according to breast volume but lasts about 3-5 hours. Patients stay in the hospital for 1 day. It is then monitored from the feet and put into dressings. The fine resistors in the breast (the pipe that drains the blood collection inside) are taken on the 1st or 2nd day after the operation. If everything is normal, about 5-6 dressings are enough. In the days after the operation, dressings are facilitated and edema is reduced thanks to bras with special corsets. Bruises on the udder can fully heal in 7-10 days, swellings at about 6-8 weeks. Breasts acquire a completely natural appearance in 5-6 months. After the operation, bathing can be done on the 5th-7th day, sea and pool can be entered on the 8-10th day.

In the aftermath of breast reduction surgery

Problems that may be encountered after surgery are divided into early and late period problems. Problems such as bleeding, infection and delay problems in wound healing in the early period are extremely rare but normal. Late-term problems may appear as problems that depend on the trace or shape. Prominentness in the scars, redness, itching are common problems in some dark-skinned people in the early period, but may require medication. Problems with shape are mostly problems with size. Therefore, the desired breast size before surgery should be clearly determined by taking into account other features of the body. If a young patient considering this operation considers giving milk later, it should be noted to the surgeon before the operation. Our operations are usually carried out with a technique called central pedicure technique that does not disturb the nipple-mammary gland relationship. This technique is the technique that protects the milk ducts and, among other reasons, the patient is most likely able to give milk.

Can the breasts breastfeed after breast reduction surgery
The breastfeeding condition after the breast reduction surgery depends on the size of the breast, the rate of sagging of the breast, the age of the patient. Breastfeeding function can be maintained by using techniques that protect the mammary gland and nipple for patients who want to have children. Breastfeeding function can be waived with the patient’s knowledge and consent if it is desired to provide sufficient reduction for oversized breasts.

A scar muscle after breast reduction surgery


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