Butt Lift


It’s a dream of a lot of women to have a hip that looks like a wall. A flat, ambiguous and even low hip makes the body look disproportionate. However, every woman wants to have proportional body contours. If it is difficult to make your body more proportional with sports, you can resort to aesthetic operations in this regard. Butt lift is one of these aesthetic operations. In this operation, which quickly reaches the desired result of the patient, fat injection, prosthesis or various fillings can be added to the butt according to the person’s request and need. In addition, the method of taking fat and injecting it in different places can be used to get rid of excesses and for a higher-placement butt. The decision in this regard is determined by the person and the doctor who wants to have the aesthetic operation.

Genetic Problems
The biggest problem of women who apply to operations such as butt lift is genetic problems. Every person may not have innately superior or desired genetic characteristics. Moreover, no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to fix this situation with sports. It is possible for individuals with excess fat tissue in the hip area to reduce this appearance with sports. But in some cases more drastic changes are required. With a short-term operation such as fat injection, you can make your butt look much more rounded and fit. Such a look also helps a woman feel better and increase her self-confidence. In the presence of a genetically low butt, no matter how much exercise is done, it may not be possible to achieve the desired appearance without surgery.

Butt Lift For A More Proportioned Body
A healthy and beautiful looking body is important for the self-confidence and appreciation of the individual. When some individuals look at their own bodies, they observe that regional lubrication is intense. For example, fat in the abdomen in men and in the hips in women is a general problem. However, sometimes the two can coexist. In such a case, if you decide to have your belly fat removed, you can also have a butt lift operation. Because the fat taken from the abdomen can be added to the areas of your butt that do not look fit enough. Thus, two problems will be solved at the same time. It heals in a short time with a single rest period, and with a single operation, you can both get rid of the fat in your abdomen and shape your butt. You can get help from a health center working with experienced and professional doctors in this regard. In our hospital, both procedures are safely performed simultaneously.

Butt Lift Methods

Prosthesis or filling insertion methods are used in butt lift surgeries. However, the most effective and safe method for most patients is fat injection. Especially if fat is to be taken from the person, that is, liposuction will be performed, this method is the most risk-free. Because already, only a part of himself/herself is added to the patient. Fillings and prostheses may not suit everyone. Although the desired result can be achieved with these, oil injection has more advantages. If the person who will undergo this surgery wants to get rid of their excess fat, the fat injection method should be preferred. With the fat injection method, the desired shape can be given to the butt and it can gain a much fuller appearance.

Butt Lift with Prosthesis and Filling Method
If the butt lift surgery is to be applied to a person who does not need fat removal, filling or prosthesis can be used for this purpose. The surgeries performed with high-quality, health-friendly filling materials or prostheses that do not carry any risk are also successful. With prostheses and fillings that can adapt to the human body and will not cause any problems later, the hips are given a more fit and rounded appearance as desired. The chance of success in these surgeries is very high, and the people who have it have the desired appearance during the rest period and feel good.

Who is Suitable for Butt Lift Surgery?

Anyone who is not satisfied with their appearance can have butt lift surgery with an aesthetic procedure. However, this surgery may be a better option, especially for some people. Among these people, there are those who are genetically in the first place and those who have a flat butt. In such a case, since doing sports is not very effective, those who have genetic problems in the form of butt can undergo this surgery. Secondly, sagging occurs in most people who lose weight quickly after gaining weight. Since sagging is not an easy condition to be corrected by doing sports, these people can also have butt lift surgery. Another candidate group for this surgery is those who have sagging and flattening problems due to aging. They can also apply to this surgery to reshape their butt.

How Effective Is The Surgery?

Butt lift operations generally provide the desired image to the patient and result in a very successful outcome. Especially if it is performed in clinics and health centers that are suitable for health, experienced and certified, the chance of success of the surgery increases even more. The experience and professionalism of the doctor is also very effective on the success of the surgery. If there is a decrease in the success of the surgery over time, it can be applied again as long as the individual does not have a health problem that prevents the surgery.

A Fitter Butt in a Short Time/and After the Surgery
For those who are disturbed by the appearance of their butt, the shortest solution to this problem is butt lift surgeries. The surgery is completed in a very short time. The rest period is also not very long. In this way, the desired hip appearance is achieved in a very short time. Every year, many people apply for this surgery in order to achieve a more aesthetic and proportional body. The operation takes two hours, and if a prosthesis will be used, it takes three hours. In general, it is not recommended to take a shower for three days after the surgery and stay in the water for too long. A special corset is worn for two weeks and it is necessary to be more sensitive about the operated area. It is recommended to rest for three days if the operation was performed with the fat injection method, and for five days if the prosthesis was used.

Why is Surgery Important?
Everyone has parts of their body that they don’t like. But for women, butt and breast appearance is important for a more feminine appearance. That’s why butt lift surgeries are among the methods that many people apply. A very flat and vague butt bothers every woman. Those who feel themselves in this situation do not like to wear tight clothes and think that no clothes suit them. Therefore, she is faced with an intense self-confidence problem. In such cases, this operation is recommended. Because as a result of the surgery, the person will have a much fuller and aesthetic hip.


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