DHI Hair Transplant


DHI Hair Transplant
There have been serious improvements in technique and results in recent years, with the development of methods, experience and appropriate microsurgical instruments, and almost completely natural hair transplant results have been started to achieve.

DHI hair transplant method is one of the most recent methods to treat hair loss. The most distinctive feature of the technique is Choi pens. Therefore, the Choi Method is another name for this technique. The Choi pens have very thin and sharp points. Thanks to these special pens, grooving and implanting are performed simultaneously. Experts place the hair follicles one by one inside Choi pens, and then the planting process is carried out carefully and by giving the most appropriate direction and angle to the roots.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant
– Since there is no opening channel process, the duration of the roots is minimal and thus the productivity of the roots is higher,
– Almost no incisions,
– Faster recovery is possible after the operation, and the patient can return to his daily routine in a very short time.

Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplant
– The method is very sensitive and requires extreme care and expertise. These features increase the cost of operation,
– In order to perform this technique well, both the physician and the team must go through a serious training process. 

DHI Hair Transplant vs FUE Hair Transplant
– While it is necessary to wait for the channel opening period in the FUE method; grooving and implanting are performed simultaneously in the DHI method thanks to Choi pens.
– DHI hair transplant method is especially used when frequent implanting is required in a narrow area. On the other hand, in the FUE hair transplant method, it is recommended for applications to larger areas of the scalp.
– One of the most important differences between DHI hair transplant and the FUE method is to allow hair to transplant without shaving in the DHI method.


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