DHI Hair Transplantation


The DHI hair transplantation method is one of the most preferred methods today in order to get healthier and stronger, natural hair. In this technique, grafts obtained from the back of the head are not left outside much before planting, and the application takes place in a short time. This allows the appearance of stronger and healthier hair with natural structure. At the same time, there are no permanent postoperative factors such as sutures, incisions and scars. This is the most important feature of direct hair implant technique. Our company can receive professional support in this regard; You can get your sturdy, natural hair back.

Unlike other hair transplantation systems, DHI method allows direct application of hair follicles using special tips. This allows the process to be completed without any trace or incision and sewing problems. Since there are no holes in the area that will be held in Implantation; this method allows for the use of more hair follicles and the acquisition of bushy hair from more donor areas. In other words, it allows the number of roots to be increased by carrying out more intensive planting. Thus, it is possible to have hair that is completely healthy and will clearly show its natural appearance even closest

In our private clinic with a professional understanding, we offer the best solutions for you in the field of DHI hair transplantation. Thanks to the new generation technical method, donor hair follicles are now transplanted directly with special equipment without drilling holes much faster. Since the time the grafts are outside is minimized, it allows the hair to be healthier and bushier.

The hair follicles are transplanted painlessly and painlessly into the skin under the control of our specialists with special tips. Thus, you can regain your self-confidence with your hair, which has become bushy in a short time. Just contact us immediately to get your healthy hair back at very affordable prices. Since it is carried out in a short time, effortless and has no incision, we carry out the DHI method with a professional understanding, which offers a healing process in a short time

The DHI hair transplantation process needs to be handled very meticulously and professionally because it is necessary to apply it again. Since it is a sensitive technique, our specialists complete this work professionally with a successful team in our hair transplantation center. To achieve natural and successful results; We are waiting for you to minimize the risk of scarring and for more dense and sparse hair.


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