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Face Aging Develops?
Since our face is our most important organ that enables our communication with the outside world, the aging of this region is of particular importance compared to the whole body. The aging process that every living person will naturally encounter concerns not only the skin but also the adipose tissues, connective tissues, and even bones

The changes seen in the skin with oldness are observed as drying, loss of skin elasticity, decreased collagen support, and thinning of the skin. Adipose tissue is noticeably reduced, especially in the upper part of the face and temple areas. Similarly, with aging, bone reduction occurs in the bones around the eyes and especially in the anterior part of the upper jaw

All these changes in these tissues cause crossed wrinkles in the forehead area, the formation of goose feet wrinkles, the prominences of the under-eye pits, the formation of tear groove pits, deepening of the lines of sadness around the nose edges, the appearance of fine wrinkles around the lips and the elongation of the upper lip, flattening in these areas with decreased fullness of the middle face and cheekbones, and sagging in the middle face and jaw area. A young and beautiful facial pointy part can be likened to an egg standing below. Over time, this balance becomes the opposite of when the upper parts of the face are narrower and the lower parts are wider

Life occurs under the influence of internal and external factors. It occurs naturally internally (chronological aging) in all humans. The most important factor that indicates how quickly this situation will happen is the genetics of the person. This can be accompanied by hormonal changes and chronic diseases. External aging is mainly caused by sunlight, smoking, diet, excessive mimic use, and gravity.

What is Face Lift?
A facelift is a general name given to the surgical treatment of these changes caused by aging. During this process, excess skin is removed, sagging and lose underlying tissues are restored and volume losses, especially in the middle face area, are corrected with oil fillings. As a result, it is aimed to achieve a tighter, more vibrant appearance. Naturally, it makes you look younger. The purpose of this process is your young self. Its permanence is as follows, for example, if you have this surgery at the age of 50, you start to look 40 years old, and the 10-year difference continues. However, because the progression of your age cannot be stopped, you will continue to age. Of course, always 10 years younger…

Am I Suitable for Face Lift?
As your first inspection with your doctor, you will get the answer to this question. However, in terms of giving an idea, if your under-eye pits have become prominent on your face, tear groove pits have formed, the lines of sadness around the nose have deepened, fine wrinkles have become apparent around the lip, your upper lip has grown, your middle face and cheekbones are not as full as before and sagging from the edge of your lower jaw, you are a good candidate for a facelift. All of these conditions occur at a very advanced age at the same time. Therefore, having one or more of these can also be treated with facelift surgery.

Face Lift Treatment Methods:
Multiple treatment options are available for different facial structures and different expectations, Current facial rejuvenation surgery techniques are as follows:

Endoscopic Face Lift:
In fit patients, they also perform mid-facelift, eyebrow lifting, and goosefoot removal from the hair and lower eyelid aesthetic incision without an incision in front of the ear. Special tools and camera systems are used for this technique. However, this technique is not suitable for patients with excess skin. Therefore, it is more suitable for our patients in their 40s

Non-Surgical Face Lift Techniques
Botulinum toxin and filler applications are the first among the non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques. Their persistence is around 4-6 months for botulinum toxin applications and 6-18 months for filling applications (depending on the thickness of the filling used). Botulinum toxin aims to provide relaxation of the muscles, reduce the existing wrinkles, and prevent what may occur. Fillings fill the skin with fractures and depressions in the face, giving them a more vigorous and youthful appearance

Another non-surgical facial aesthetic method is the Scarlet S golden needle radiofrequency method. Radiofrequency is a type of energy. It doesn’t contain radiation. Provides controlled tightening in the given area. One of the most commonly used areas is the reduction of nasal flesh. In this system applied for the forehead, face, and neck, 25 micro gold needles give controlled micro energies to the area where it is applied. In each session, 1500-2000 shots are applied to the whole forehead, face, and neck. Thus, a total of 30,000 to 50,000 nooks


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