Is It Necessary to Brush Your Teeth?

According to the published statistics, toothpaste use and tooth brushing rates in Turkey are well behind the developed countries of the world. While one toothbrush does not fall on one person per year in Turkey, no toothbrushes enter either house. One in three people don’t brush their teeth once a day.

The JawBone May Melt!

Any negativity that occurs in our mouth leads to deterioration of dental health. Teeth have important tasks in the mouth. This task is not only the breakdown and grinding of nutrients, but also has an effect on speech and appearance. It is difficult for people with missing teeth to make certain sounds, difficulties in chewing and biting. Gum diseases can sometimes affect the melting of the jawbone where the tooth nest is located. Since the deterioration of dental health affects other organs in the body, teeth can become the focus of continuous infection and lead to significant health problems in structures such as heart, kidneys and joints.

Immunity Weakens

When the immune system in the body weakens, it can cause other diseases as a result of the weakening immune system. These diseases also manifest themselves in the teeth and gums; gum hemorrhages, bad breaths, tooth tightening and, accordingly, jaw problems are more common. Therefore, the habit of brushing teeth should be gained after lunch.

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