Leg Stretching


What Conditions Is a Stretch Applied
Loosening, ripples and irregularities in the skin on the inside of the teeth are among the most disturbing problems. Weight gain, exercise and aging and relaxation of the inner legs are accelerated. In addition to aesthetic problems, internal leg problems cause friction while walking, and physiologically, dermatologically and hygienically disturb patients. Due to its rather thin skin structure, various treatment methods are available for the inner legs, which is a difficult area to correct


Deep cracks and sagging that do not look pleasant in the skin
The skin irritations due to friction in the groin and thigh area
Loosening and sagging of the thigh skin
Tightening of the inner parts of the upper leg despite being able to fit into the clothes as a body
He is stacked in the intra-leg sections in the clothes and unpleasant image


It is applied under general anesthesia
Amelisation takes an average of 3 hours
It is necessary to stay in hospital one night< >Br />The place is supported by a corset for about four weeks


After surgery, the leg skin and tissue look more fresh, tighter and younger
Thera marks, on the inside of the leg, the inner side of the groin is lowered towards the knee, and the scar is not visible from the opposite side when the patient is standing
The seams that melt from the side are used
Although the skin scars vary according to skin quality, the scars after an average of 9-12 months solar
The stretching is suitable for both men and women


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