Restorative Dental Treatment


The efforts to prevent dental diseases are increasing today. Restorative dental treatment is the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all disorders or existing aesthetic complaints that concern tooth hard tissues, caused by bacteria or without bacteria. Apart from the elimination of the patient’s complaint during restorative dental treatment; it is also ensured to restore the lost function and aesthetics of rotten, worn, sensitive, colored, intermittent, tissue anomaly and broken teeth. Our applications in restorative dental treatment; early caries diagnosis and treatment planning, conservative treatment approaches, composite and amalgam restorations, teeth whitening applications, computer-aided aesthetic dentistry applications, porcelain restorations, composite or ceramic front area porcelain lamina applications. Thanks to the laser and computer-aided technology we use; Treatments for those with severe tissue losses in the tooth are carried out immediately and aesthetic restorations affecting your smile are carried out on the same day.

Lamine Veneer is the fastest and safest way to fix the front teeth with aesthetic restoration. These are the ones that are going to ceramic is laminated, aesthetic laminated and composite laminated. Porcelain laminated veneers are substances made of ceramics that chemically bind to the tooth structure. Composite laminated veneers can be restored by adding composites to the outer surfaces of the front group teeth and giving the desired shape by the physician.

Lamine Veneer; applied to stained teeth, damaged teeth, crooked teeth and cavities. Stained teeth are treated with dental coatings of teeth that are stained due to the past disease or lose their color related to food and beverage consumption. Damaged teeth are treated with porcelain laminated veneers of teeth worn out due to misuse or broken at the time of accident. Although you have gaps between your teeth, they can easily close thanks to laminated veneers. In crooked teeth, laminated veneers can be glued to the front of the teeth to obtain an aesthetic appearance.

Lamine Veneer treatment is a treatment that can be concluded during the day. However, if laminated veneers are made of porcelain, the treatment process will vary between 5-6 days as there will be laboratory time.


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