Sapphire Hair Transplantation


The most widely used hair transplantation technique in the world is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This technique consists of the stages of collecting hair follicles, opening the canals and planting the roots called grafts in the opening channels

Sapphire-tipped specialty pens have been developed as a method that allows tissue deformation to be minimized and channeled with maximum frequency during channel opening, which

is a phase of theFUE technique.

A cutting tool called a slit is used when opening the channel during the insertion of the slide. However, the recovery times are relatively long as tissue destruction is high in planting with these steel slits. Due to the frequent opening of channels at the micro level with sapphire tip pens, it is possible to make a frequent and natural planting. Since the canals are opened at the micro level, there is a much faster healing process compared to other hair transplantation techniques. Post-october crusting is minimal, which is a result that increases patient comfort.


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