Unshaven Hair Transplant


In order to perform more comfortable and successful operations and to achieve better results, different studies have been shown in the field of hair transplant. Hair transplant without shaving or unshaven hair transplant is one of the latest techniques in the hair transplant field. Especially women with longer hair are very happy with this method. Therefore, more women and men, who have longer hair, chose unshaven hair transplant to regain their healthy hair.

Men’s hair loss usually starts with an opening in the areas we call the anterior gulf. The front hairline disappears, then there is a gradual opening in the crown area, where the front and back meet, and the crown begins to open. So, there is no need to shave all of the hair, especially when the tops of the front bays are open. Unshaven hair transplant can be done in cases where there is thinning and where the hair can be easily entered.

Advantages of unshaven hair transplant
– Thanks to this technique, the non-aesthetic post-operative appearance is camouflaged,
– You can keep your existing hairstyle before and after the hair transplantation operation,
– The time that you can return to your daily life is much faster than other hair transplant methods,
– One of the most beneficial advantages of this technique is to prevent women from waiting for years to have their average hair length.

Disadvantages of unshaven hair transplant
Unshaven hair transplant has some disadvantages that may disappoint you;
– No shave hair transplant requires much more effort and patience, especially for the hair transplant team. Thus, this leads to the pricing being higher in unshaven hair transplant operations,
– The patient must need to pay more attention because there is a bit higher risk of postoperative complications. It is more difficult to provide a hygienic environment for the scalp during the post-operative period.

Even though there are multiple disadvantages, you can overcome them with more attention, more comprehensive maintenance and regular medical and physical examinations after the operation process.


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