Raising Eyebrows


What are the eyebrow lifting methods?
The eyebrow lift can be performed with surgery or with methods that do not require surgical procedures, depending on the need. Both procedures have advantages and disadvantages. Surgical methods include eyebrow suspension, classical eyebrow lifting and ‌endoscopic eyebrow lifting; ‌Botox and ‌ultherapy can be given as examples of non-surgical methods.

How to lift eyebrows with Botox?
The application of eyebrow lifting with botox starts by designing a suitable eyebrow shape for the person’s face. The eyebrow is drawn to the position where it should be on the face and made more compatible with the face; it is aimed that the person has a softer, fresher and healthier appearance. Eyebrow lifting operation with Botox is performed by specialist plastic surgeons by planning with golden ratio calculations.

The operation is applied in small doses in such a way that it does not prevent the eyebrow from making its natural movement, but minimizes the deterioration of the muscles. Since it is a non-surgical procedure, the operation can be completed in a very short time, between 2-10 minutes. During the procedure, botulinum toxin is injected with thin-tipped needles in such a way that the itch is raised to the predetermined points. The effect of eyebrow lifting with Botox occurs more prominently a few days after the procedure. The most important advantage of the operation is that there are no scars on the face after the procedure. Although it varies from person to person, botox injection process is recommended to be repeated in the range of 4-6 months on average, that is, an average of 2 times a year, in order to maintain the position of the eyebrow. If you want to raise your eyebrows but are afraid of surgical procedures, you can choose the application of eyebrow lifting with botox.

How to raise eyebrows with Ultherapy?
Ultherapy hifu (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is the general name of a system that allows to tighten and regenerate the skin as much as possible with high intensity focused ultrasound energy. Ulthera, ultra skin, doublo are some of these treatment devices. Most laser or radiofrequency systems only act on the skin, have no effect on deep tissues or fascial structures under the skin. Because its effects are on the skin and can reach a depth of only 1-2 mm. Therefore, it is understood that the effects of such applications are limited to the skin only. With ultherapy treatment, it is possible to reach up to 4.5 mm deep in the skin without creating any scars on the skin. The eyebrow lifting process time with ulterapi is on average 10 minutes. Although the effects of ultheraphy procedure are seen immediately, on average it reaches the desired maximum effect in a period of 3 months.

What is endoscopic eyebrow lifting surgery? How is it done?

Many different methods can be applied in surgical removal surgeries, but the most commonly applied and most popular method today is the procedures performed with the help of small and thin cameras called endoscopes, without any incisions and without a trace. It can be easily applied in the operating room conditions in the hospital under local anesthesia supported by general or sedation anesthesia. In endoscopic eyebrow lifting surgeries, it is possible to perform the surgery by making small holes in the inner parts of the scalp from several different points, causing almost no bleeding and leaving no scars. Thanks to this method, scar formation in old methods are prevented and the healing period is much shorter with less swelling. After surgery, the use of painkiller tablets is enough, no uncomfortable pain occurs. Stitches are removed after an average of 10 days. Since the scar of the operation will remain in the scalp, there is no problem with scarring. Compared to Botox, your eyebrows may remain in the desired position much longer and the procedure does not need to be repeated at regular intervals, as in botox eyebrow lifting. In short, endoscopic eyebrow lifting applications can achieve much more permanent results than non-surgical applications.

What is classical eyebrow lift surgery? How is it done?

Another name for classic eyebrow lifting surgery is temple lift surgery. The operation is performed in the form of stretching this area by removing the skin from the temple part of the individual. The biggest disadvantage of this operation is that the long suture lines made into the scalp expand over time, creating hairless areas. Considering the possibility that the scalp may also lose its elasticity over time, the persistence of the classic eyebrow lifting operation may not last as long as desired.

How is the recovery period like after eyebrow lift surgery?

After eyebrow lift or forehead lift surgery, tape and dressing are applied around your eyebrows and on your forehead. During this period, you can help the edema go down faster than normal by applying a cold compress to your forehead. In the post-operative period, swelling may occur on your forehead and these swellings are quite normal. However, bruising is not very common. In case of bruising, it is recommended to contact your doctor. On the third day after the operation, it is possible to wash the hair carefully without damaging it too much. Stitches are removed on the seventh day after surgery. Patients generally feel better at the end of the first week after surgery with the disappearance of mild swelling on their foreheads. You may experience difficulty in moving your eyebrows and forehead and numbness on your forehead for a temporary period after the surgery. All these are expected in the normal healing process of the surgery. If you experience an unexpected situation during the recovery period after eyebrow lift surgery, you should contact your specialist doctor immediately.

How the ideal eyebrow should look like? 
Of course, everyone has an eyebrow shape suitable for their face shape and appearance, but it is possible to talk about the concept of “ideal eyebrow” based on general tastes. There are ideal eyebrows according to face types. Suitable for most faces, the first two-thirds of the eyebrow is pointing up, the outer one-third is slightly downward, and the inner starting point is lower than the outer endpoint.


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